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Really better than Dropbox? 5 GB storage for free, store & sync file, better file, sharing and security management

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Block Trackback Spam in WordPress

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These recent days, my blog is hit by spam attack, Trackback spam. Just in few days, when I was not at home and was in Jakarta-Bogor for spending my weekend, my blog got so many spam I ever had, up to 2500 (and after few weeks, around 28.000). The Trackback itself actually is good in intention, but petty minded people use trackback spambot to raise up their web rank (which is actually NOT WORKING at all). What the heck Trackback is? what is the benefits and why it can be categorized as spam?



Create and Fight with Your Verbatim “Media Monster”

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Have you ever imagined digital monsters formed from storage media like USB flash drives or memory cards? What kind of shape, size, and color? Verbatim created a bizarre website so that you can try and make your own media monster. Once you’ve created and select it, you can fight with other monsters to gain power, speed, etc. Each time you win then your monster’s rank will go up. So, create and fight against monsters until the top rank and the king of the Verbatim monsters in Verbatim Championship here!



How to Add Drop Cap in Web Pages

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When we read books or articles in magazines, at the beginning or each chapter usually begins with the first letter in which have differently made typography from other letters. The first letter in the first paragraph can be a capital letter with a very large font size, style and different font type, which obviously looks interesting. This is called Drop Cap. In word processing applications like Microsoft Word, we simply insert a drop cap in our document just by pushing a button/menu. To make one on a web page, we can do so by using CSS.



Try New Yahoo! Mail Beta

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Although it’s too late for me to find out if there is a brand new Yahoo! Mail Beta, but it okay to try it now. At first glance it looks faster, more intuitive, elegant, and neat. Yahoo! seems to integrate everything all-in-one in a single window of Yahoo Mail, like it’s competitor, GMail.

Options page (though rarely opened) previously opened and displayed in a new window,  but now it is displayed in the tab instantly (using AJAX of course) next to Inbox tab. Now, at least it seems more responsive.

To read the new features please see here, to try Yahoo Mail Beta, click here. If  you don’t like it, you can return to use old Yahoo Mail Classic or New anytime via the Help> Leave the Mail Preview.


Manually Compress Javascript dan CSS with PHP GZip

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When web page is being rendered, the first time being loaded is the HTML file, then the styles (CSS) and the last is the scripts (Javascript/JS) – the best practice, CSS files in the header while the JS files in the footer. If the page is an interactive page where the HTML files, CSS, and JS are getting larger in size, then a page will be loaded longer than those with small size. Therefore, the compression of static content such as plain-text (like HTML, CSS, JS) will be needed.

Compression intended to reduce web page loading time. The best compression that is used by the server side is GZIP, Deflate (Apache module, mod_gzip and mod_deflate). However, sometimes these module are not enabled on some hosting – as I experienced this, had several times told Capoeng hosting , but no response: sigh: – (more…)


Javascript Tools for Web Developer

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I just want to give a lil bit review of JavaScript tools for Web Developers, such as compressors, beautifier, and debugger. Not a very complete review, just brief, well because it is from my personal experience. Maybe you can help add later. :)



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