HikaruYuuki – Natsu Ryokan Theme 3.0

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This is my latest WordPress theme for my own website. Now support page templates (for home, blog, portfolio), custom types, menus, side and bottom toolbar for social network sharing and more and I also refurnished the sidebar, header, and footer

SelMa UB 2009-2010

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Selma 2010

An online college student admission system designed for Brawijaya University (UB) in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. This website actually have 2 sites, front-end website for applicants, and administration site to administer and verify the applicants. The enrollment uses internal rule engine to verify the applicants based on their score depends on faculty’s/department’s rule for minimun requirement. The printed forms have barcode so the verification is easier by using barcode reader than entering the registration number manually,  imagine if the applicants is ten thousands.

UB Virtual Learning Management

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UB Virtual Learning Management system is a modification of popular Course Management System, Moodle. Worked in 2007 with a team project of  6, with 3 programmers, Ibnu Daqiqil, Hafiz Rahman, and me.

Sinna Sherina ~ (My Anime Style)

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Another wallpaper of Sinna Sherina. I made it in my last-test term. It took 3-4 days, from sketching till coloring. I’ve been off in drawing for several months. Some details might not exactly the same, especially for the facial part. It’s hard for me to draw precisely similar to her (eventhough in anime-looks). Real portrait is actually taken from tabloid, Nyata.

HikaruYuuki – Natsu Ryokan Theme 1.0

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Hikaru Yuuki - Natsu Ryokan v1

My first WP theme used as my new default theme for my site.

BoA ~ (My Anime Style)

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I made some mistake when creating this picture. One of them is saved the image in JPEG which caused quality losing and became a flat image, not a layered image. Even there are some bad finalizing touch, my last opinion is good enough (to make my self proud hehe, considering there were a lot of mistakes)

Abimanyu Natural Stone

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Abimanyu Natural Stone

Lil bit different with Maronyx’s code, it uses AJAX. Shows progress while loading page, and only takes one main page as dynamic wrapper to show many pages.

Maronyx Stone – GreenJade Theme

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Maronyx Stone GreenJade

The later theme and code, optimized and easier to use, with simple looks. Using last version of my wanna-be CMS few years ago.

Sinna Sherina ~ Tribute

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Sinna Sherina - Tribute

Wallpaper as a tribute for Sinna Sherina Munaf.

Maronyx Stone

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Maronyx Stone Old Design

It’s the old school theme and code using my own wanna-be CMS few years ago.

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