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Updated to WordPress 3.2.1

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Trying to add post format ‘status’ in WordPress using Twitter Tools when automatically create blog post is enabled

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Block Trackback Spam in WordPress

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These recent days, my blog is hit by spam attack, Trackback spam. Just in few days, when I was not at home and was in Jakarta-Bogor for spending my weekend, my blog got so many spam I ever had, up to 2500 (and after few weeks, around 28.000). The Trackback itself actually is good in intention, but petty minded people use trackback spambot to raise up their web rank (which is actually NOT WORKING at all). What the heck Trackback is? what is the benefits and why it can be categorized as spam?



Create Button Like Office 2010 Button in C#

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This time I’m giving an example of Owner Drawing/Painting on a component/toolkit in desktop applications (in the web, it’s a lot easier, using CSS). By defining Owner Drawing/Painting we can make different appearance on our components as such applying theme on them. For example, initially ordinary Buttons can be displayed more impressive, with gradient color and appears much more attractive.


Access Result Set from Stored Procedures in MySQL

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From cases put forward by my students, the result-set given fromMySQL’s stored procedures is not accessible in PHP so that they using the functions instead of stored procedures, well actually we can access those result sets. There are two ways to access the result-set returned by the stored procedure, using a MySQL extension but specify client_flag to support multiple statements and multiple result or using the MySQLi extension.



Chrome Skin: Hyuu Chrome Office 2010

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Hyuu Chrome Office



Its my first self-made Google Chrome skin based on Office 2010. I’ve been looking in the internet for Office 2010 skin for Google Chrom, but couldn’t find it, so I decided to made one, just for fad. Perhaps lacking of few things, but maybe I’ll update it some time later.



Get Status (User Timeline) from Twitter

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Today I check this home page and my Twitter status is no longer displayed. This is because Twitter is no longer give permission to access directly the RSS of my status (user timeline), and also because I protect my tweets (for new tweets). Before this, I can fetch easily the status from the RSS URL address such below.[user name].rss

just calling function fetch_feed in WordPress (which uses SimplePie) and you’ll get it automatically parsed, so it is easy to reproduce the result of this RSS users timeline. But since Twitter now is using OAuth for authentication, so we need a little tinkering with code to fetch the Twitter user timeline.






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