Try New Yahoo! Mail Beta

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This post is also available in: Indonesian

Yahoo Mail Beta baru

Yahoo Mail Beta baru

This post is also available in: Indonesian

Although it’s too late for me to find out if there is a brand new Yahoo! Mail Beta, but it okay to try it now. At first glance it looks faster, more intuitive, elegant, and neat. Yahoo! seems to integrate everything all-in-one in a single window of Yahoo Mail, like it’s competitor, GMail.

Options page (though rarely opened) previously opened and displayed in a new window,  but now it is displayed in the tab instantly (using AJAX of course) next to Inbox tab. Now, at least it seems more responsive.

To read the new features please see here, to try Yahoo Mail Beta, click here. If  you don’t like it, you can return to use old Yahoo Mail Classic or New anytime via the Help> Leave the Mail Preview.

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