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Yahoo Messenger 11 (Offline Installer)

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Welcome Yahoo Messenger 11. Although now it is still Beta, but usually not really take a long time for the final version to be launched.

Final version finally arrived, please read in the end of this post for the review and links.

To download the Beta version and install the standalone offline installer (not the web installer which should be online to the Internet first), please Click here. When I download this, the beta version number is The main features here are Social Networking and Social Gaming. We can chat using the Facebook chat protocol, update YM status simultaneously with Facebook and Twitter status, and play Mafia Wars, Fish Ville, etc. The rest features as following.



Check and Import Other Emails via GMail

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I just know that in GMail there is setting to check and import email from other email providers (for instance Yahoo! Mail, let say this is secondary email) into your GMail  (lets say its primary email). So when you have incoming messages in the secondary email address then GMail automatically import those into your GMail inbox. The advantage is by using one GMail inbox we can check emails for more than one email address (other than GMail). In addition, for mail delivery, we can also use GMail to send, but the sender address is the secondary email address (Yahoo mail address) not the GMail address.






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