Yahoo Messenger 11 (Offline Installer)

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Yahoo Messenger 11

Yahoo Messenger 11

This post is also available in: Indonesian

Welcome Yahoo Messenger 11. Although now it is still Beta, but usually not really take a long time for the final version to be launched.

Final version finally arrived, please read in the end of this post for the review and links.

To download the Beta version and install the standalone offline installer (not the web installer which should be online to the Internet first), please Click here. When I download this, the beta version number is The main features here are Social Networking and Social Gaming. We can chat using the Facebook chat protocol, update YM status simultaneously with Facebook and Twitter status, and play Mafia Wars, Fish Ville, etc. The rest features as following.

  1. Playing social games with your friends such as Zynga, Elex, OMGPOP.
  2. Share with your friends: Share your games activities and play-status so that friends can join your game and you can join theirs.
  3. Manage all your social networks from one place. View comments and like their updates from Yahoo Pulse, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and more, all from one place, right within from Yahoo Messenger.
  4. Share your Messenger status simultaneously on Yahoo Pulse, Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Chat with friends on Facebook.
  6. Make free video calls, and share photos and videos between iPhone, PC and now Android.
  7. Start your conversation on your PC and continue from the iPhone, Android, or Internet enabled device.
  8. Stay signed in to multiple PC simultaneously, so you never miss a message.
  9. Easy access to a recent conversation.


Beta Version of Yahoo Messenger 11

Author notes:

After I tried this new YM 11 Beta, its seems indeed still unstable, slower than before, and yes, it is memory hog. Time for signing in and taking up the contacts for Facebook chat was really really slow and it even reached 40-50 CPU Usage. Memory required by YM even reached 230 MB, and even actually took until 600 MB. This is probably due to the YM also use the IE engine.


Final Version of Yahoo Messenger 11

This final version is much more stable than before. But, I’m not going to update and stil stay with version 10. This version no longer provide offline conversation history, that means you must online/sign in first to read the history. If somehow, sometime, at the important time and you dont have available connection to Internet, you may lose you business and money. Why the developer don’t give support for online and/or offline history? They just need to put the old code, just that!
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