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This post is also available in: Indonesian


This post is also available in: Indonesian

I just know that in GMail there is setting to check and import email from other email providers (for instance Yahoo! Mail, let say this is secondary email) into your GMail  (lets say its primary email). So when you have incoming messages in the secondary email address then GMail automatically import those into your GMail inbox. The advantage is by using one GMail inbox we can check emails for more than one email address (other than GMail). In addition, for mail delivery, we can also use GMail to send, but the sender address is the secondary email address (Yahoo mail address) not the GMail address.

From my case, my secondary email is in (where I’m working in and this email server does not support auto-forward facility to another email (in which GMail is my primary email address). So to check my emails I have to open and also GMail (and also Yahoo! Mail because I’m using all of them). Surely, it is not efficient if I dont use any email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. But by using Gmail, we can do it all right in one place.

To use this facility, go to

GMail Settings > Account and Import > Check mail using POP3

then select

Add POP3 email account

Here, you can do the same thing for setting up your email client such in Microsoft Outlook/Mozilla Thunderbird. Or just follow the wizard, and set up your incoming (POP/IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server, and also add specific label for imported email. In the end of the step, we must enter Confirmation Code (which sent by GMail to your another email you just added to import). After that, tada! Your emails in your secondary address are imported to your GMail.

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