Backup and Save Your Nokia Data – Full Backup (Part1)

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This post is also available in: Indonesian


This post is also available in: Indonesian

Backup means storing data at the secondary place which is actually becomes a necessity and a must regularly, because we do not know when the phones we are using suddenly struck by disaster, errors,  or even worse it’s lost, thus the data in our phone also be lost. Important data is typically the Contacts/Phonebook, Messages, Notes, Documents, Photos, Videos, etc. Contacts and Messages often contain important information, especially when the messages are from colleagues, bosses, or our dear people. Nokia phones with Symbian operating system are usually sometime make us cranky when we do not know how to take care and do maintenance so the impact is data loss.

Backup Files as Compressed Archived Files

Aplikasi Memory untuk membackup dan merestorasi data di ponsel Nokia

Memory application to make backup and restore data in Nokia Symbian phones

Nokia Symbian mobile phones are already equipped with an internal facility to Backup & Restore that allows you to store all your data in phones in one place as where the data is exactly the same as when you do the backup, and it can be restored later someday to the state of any backup through the restoration process. Some of the data stored in the backup process are, Contacts/Phonebook, Messages, Calendar, To-Do, Notes, system settings, and other files stored in phone memory. This feature is located in Memory application (see picture). Some functions that can be found in this application are:

  • make backup files (Backup phone mem),
  • restore data from latest backup (Restore from card),
  • format and empty the memory card (Format mem. card),
  • give label to memory card (Memory card name),
  • set up password to memory card (Set password)
  • see the details and the file size of memory card usage (Memory details)
1. Menu untuk membackup data. 2. Menu untuk merestorasi data dari backup yang pernah dibuat.

1. Menu to backup data. 2. Menu to restore data from the latest backup be made.

This backup file is stored in the memory card (if you’re using file manager in your phone, it is located on E:\ drive) in folder \Backup\, and if you’re using PC (connect via memory reader or as mass storage) it is located in E:\Backup (whereas the E:\ is the drive of memory card). Example of backup file is \Backup\Backup.arc.

In addition, beside using built-in applications that already exist on the phone, we can also use Nokia PC Suite. Obviously because the program is running on the computer, we must connect  the phone to the computer first, we can use data cable, infrared, or Bluetooth. It is recommended to use a data cable because its data access speed. For the latest Nokia phones, Nokia provides universal version of Nokia PC Suite, but for older Nokia phones there is an exception, such as the Nokia 6600 that have specific Nokia PC Suite for 6600 (but with features that are not complete as the latest universal Nokia PC Suite).

Nokia PC Suite - Nokia Content Copier untuk membackup dan merestorasi ponsel Nokia menggunakan komputer.

Nokia PC Suite - Nokia Content Copier to backup and restore Nokia phones using computer.

Universal Nokia PC Suite provides Nokia Content Copier to make backup and restore data from the last backup file. Nokia PC Suite backup files have extension .NBU, different from those resulted by phone internal backup application (Memory) , that have extension .ARC so it is not exchangable.

For backed up text messages, with both ways above, we cannot read backed up text messages directly, but must through Restore process to be able to see messages from the backup.

For the record, all latest information will be lost after restored from data in last backup. So, do not restore if your phone is still stable and have no errors, because you will loss your latest data and replaced from the last backup.

Files in .ARC dan .NBU backup files actually can be extracted, just like when we extract from ZIP or RAR files, it can be done by using 3rd party program, Noki v2.0 ( This program able to extract Contacts/Phonebook, Messages, Calendar, Memo, Email, Bookmark, and also other files. The output files can be exported to Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Firefox, IE and Nokia PC Suite. Complete features can be read from Noki official site, Noki | Features.

Noki - program untuk eksplorasi dan ekstrak file backup Nokia PC Suite .NBU dan .ARC.

Noki - a program to explore and extract Nokia PC Suite backup files, .NBU and .ARC files.

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