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Who’s gonna win by the end of this year, Surface with Windows RT or iPad (Mini)? Pick up your choice..

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Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to the Internet, but Firefox, Downloader Does

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Yeah, it sucks indeed, when you need Internet Explorer (IE) but suddenly IE cannot connect to the Internet, meanwhile Firefox, downloader like IDM, etc are able to connect. Of course since IE cannot connect, other applications depend on IE’s settings also unable to connect, such as Yahoo Messenger (YM).

Just knew this when this afternoon I tried to log in to YM but couldn’t, I thought I had problems due to Internet connection (slow or unstable connection). But this night when I tried to install Github Windows, an error occured with error message “Error: An error occurred trying to download ‘’.” After time consuming investigation, the cause was IE. Tried to open Google in IE, but no luck. What a weird, why IE unable to open Google while Firefox does able to. (more…)


Really better than Dropbox? 5 GB storage for free, store & sync file, better file, sharing and security management

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Display Tooltip/Hint Text of Menu Items in Status Bar C#

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Have you ever use Windows Explorer or other programs, then you’ll probably notice the hint text in the status bar whenever you hover the mouse pointer on a menu item. This will help user and add application’s usability by providing user support. In C# after we set tooltip/hint text in each menu items, it will not immediately appear in the Status Bar (in .NET it is commonly known with StatusStrip). In Delphi it’s easy to display the hint text in the status bar by assigning handler in Application.OnHint event as follows: (more…)


Block Trackback Spam in WordPress

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These recent days, my blog is hit by spam attack, Trackback spam. Just in few days, when I was not at home and was in Jakarta-Bogor for spending my weekend, my blog got so many spam I ever had, up to 2500 (and after few weeks, around 28.000). The Trackback itself actually is good in intention, but petty minded people use trackback spambot to raise up their web rank (which is actually NOT WORKING at all). What the heck Trackback is? what is the benefits and why it can be categorized as spam?



Create Button Like Office 2010 Button in C#

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This time I’m giving an example of Owner Drawing/Painting on a component/toolkit in desktop applications (in the web, it’s a lot easier, using CSS). By defining Owner Drawing/Painting we can make different appearance on our components as such applying theme on them. For example, initially ordinary Buttons can be displayed more impressive, with gradient color and appears much more attractive.


Enable Shortcode in WordPress’ Widgets and Comments

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Sometimes we need to use shortcodes in the widgets or comments. One example of using shortcode in the Widget is to create a different style to specific word in the Widget Title, by putting the word in the span tag. This span then later given a different style via CSS. Example is below.






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