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Display Tooltip/Hint Text of Menu Items in Status Bar C#

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Have you ever use Windows Explorer or other programs, then you’ll probably notice the hint text in the status bar whenever you hover the mouse pointer on a menu item. This will help user and add application’s usability by providing user support. In C# after we set tooltip/hint text in each menu items, it will not immediately appear in the Status Bar (in .NET it is commonly known with StatusStrip). In Delphi it’s easy to display the hint text in the status bar by assigning handler in Application.OnHint event as follows: (more…)


Create Button Like Office 2010 Button in C#

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This time I’m giving an example of Owner Drawing/Painting on a component/toolkit in desktop applications (in the web, it’s a lot easier, using CSS). By defining Owner Drawing/Painting we can make different appearance on our components as such applying theme on them. For example, initially ordinary Buttons can be displayed more impressive, with gradient color and appears much more attractive.


Enable Shortcode in WordPress’ Widgets and Comments

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Sometimes we need to use shortcodes in the widgets or comments. One example of using shortcode in the Widget is to create a different style to specific word in the Widget Title, by putting the word in the span tag. This span then later given a different style via CSS. Example is below.



Manually Compress Javascript dan CSS with PHP GZip

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When web page is being rendered, the first time being loaded is the HTML file, then the styles (CSS) and the last is the scripts (Javascript/JS) – the best practice, CSS files in the header while the JS files in the footer. If the page is an interactive page where the HTML files, CSS, and JS are getting larger in size, then a page will be loaded longer than those with small size. Therefore, the compression of static content such as plain-text (like HTML, CSS, JS) will be needed.

Compression intended to reduce web page loading time. The best compression that is used by the server side is GZIP, Deflate (Apache module, mod_gzip and mod_deflate). However, sometimes these module are not enabled on some hosting – as I experienced this, had several times told Capoeng hosting , but no response: sigh: – (more…)


Javascript Tools for Web Developer

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I just want to give a lil bit review of JavaScript tools for Web Developers, such as compressors, beautifier, and debugger. Not a very complete review, just brief, well because it is from my personal experience. Maybe you can help add later. :)



Change WordPress Permalink Without Losing Traffic

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When we change the structure of the Permanent Link (Permalink) address in WordPress, old URL address of blog posts will also be changed with the new permalink and will not be accessible anymore using the old URL address. If those blog posts already crawled by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. or the posts’ URL are mentioned in other webs, eg on Twitter or Facebook, because the changing of permalink, we can lose traffic to our blog. So what can we do to keep the traffic, especially for posts with most frequent visit? The way how to fix this is by installing WordPress plugin Permalinks Moved Permanently.






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