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Who’s gonna win by the end of this year, Surface with Windows RT or iPad (Mini)? Pick up your choice..

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Backup and Save Your Nokia Data – Messages (Part 2)

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In the previous part I described briefly how to do full data backup, and in this second part I’m focusing on how to backup messages, especially Text Messages.

The content of text messages sometimes is really important to us, thus it should be backed up regularly. Moreover, the Nokia phones with Symbian operating system typically will be getting slower when we have a lot of text messages and sometime it will be ended with crash (restart itself) or hang. From my experience, Nokia 6600 crashes after stored text messages reached around 3000, while Nokia N73 -which I’m using now- normally crashes after text messages reached around 2500. If you frequently get a message “Memory full. Close applications and try again“, especially when you you try to open Messaging or other applications, it means that your phone is going to crash soon and you cannot do anything except hard format. So, to prevent this, you should regulary make a back up and delete some of your not important text messages.



Backup and Save Your Nokia Data – Full Backup (Part1)

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Backup means storing data at the secondary place which is actually becomes a necessity and a must regularly, because we do not know when the phones we are using suddenly struck by disaster, errors,  or even worse it’s lost, thus the data in our phone also be lost. Important data is typically the Contacts/Phonebook, Messages, Notes, Documents, Photos, Videos, etc. Contacts and Messages often contain important information, especially when the messages are from colleagues, bosses, or our dear people. Nokia phones with Symbian operating system are usually sometime make us cranky when we do not know how to take care and do maintenance so the impact is data loss.






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