Backup and Save Your Nokia Data – Messages (Part 2)

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This post is also available in: Indonesian


This post is also available in: Indonesian

In the previous part I described briefly how to do full data backup, and in this second part I’m focusing on how to backup messages, especially Text Messages.

The content of text messages sometimes is really important to us, thus it should be backed up regularly. Moreover, the Nokia phones with Symbian operating system typically will be getting slower when we have a lot of text messages and sometime it will be ended with crash (restart itself) or hang. From my experience, Nokia 6600 crashes after stored text messages reached around 3000, while Nokia N73 -which I’m using now- normally crashes after text messages reached around 2500. If you frequently get a message “Memory full. Close applications and try again“, especially when you you try to open Messaging or other applications, it means that your phone is going to crash soon and you cannot do anything except hard format. So, to prevent this, you should regulary make a back up and delete some of your not important text messages.

Backup File as Text File

To make a back up of your text messages and convert those into text files (eg, .TXT, .HTML files), there are two ways, using your computer or directly in your phone.

Using Computer

Nokia Communication Centre - Nokia PC Suite, selain untuk membuka dan mengirim SMS juga bisa digunakan untuk membackup SMS.

Nokia Communication Centre - Nokia PC Suite, selain untuk membuka dan mengirim SMS juga bisa digunakan untuk membackup SMS.

Of course you have to connect your phone to computer first, you can connect it using  infrared, bluetooth or data cable. After it is connected, the easiest way is by using Nokia Communication Centre (Messages icon) in Nokia PC Suite. Nokia Communication Centre Uses features are:

  • View and edit Memo and To-Do Calendar
  • view and edit Contacts
  • view, create, and send text messages or multimedia messages.

When you look at the Edit menu in Nokia Communication Centre, there is a feature to Copy & Paste. With this feature we can use to backup your text/multimedia messages (as well as Contacts, discussed next time).

Step to backup as follows:

  1. Select messages you want to backup (you can also make multi selection by clicking the mouse while pressing CTRL or SHIFT key, or CTRL + A to select all).
  2. Copy those messages (press CTRL+C or Edit menu » Copy).

    Pilih SMS yang akan dibackup kemudian copy (CTRL+C atau menu Edit » Copy).

    Step 1. Select messges to be backed up then copy (CTRL+C or Edit menu » Copy).

  3. Open Windows Explorer and paste copied messages in desired folder (press CTRL+V or Edit menu » Paste).

    Langkah 2. Masuk ke Windows Explorer, pilih folder, kemudian Paste (CTRL+V atau Edit » Paste) di folder tsb.

    Step 2. Open Windows Explorer, open/create desired folder, then Paste into it (CTRL+V or Edit menu » Paste).

Result files have extension .VMG (Nokia Text Message) and it is actually plain texts, so we can open and read its contents with any text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad. Whereas if you want to convert those .VMG files into another files such as Excel (.XLS), PDF, Word (.DOC), TXT, HTML, RTF, XML, and so forth, one of powerful freeware programs is ABC Amber Nokia Converter from ABC Amber Conversion & Merging Software, ProcessText Group which is specializing in text conversion.

As I rememberm, there are several other programs similiar to Nokia PC Suite that can be used and have facilities like Nokia Communication Centre and can also can be used to make back up. Some programs that I have ever used isMOBILedit! and Oxygen Phone Manager. But I’m not going to discuss both programs here, maybe next time.

Using Phone

To create a backup of your text messages and convert into text files you can used several available programs, some free and some are not (but available in trialversion). These programs have dependancy on what operating system used and version in your Nokia phones -like Windows or Linux/Mac on our computers. Here, I’m discussing Nokia phone that using Symbian operating system (read more at Wikipedia). Symbian operating system also has undergone some evolution that has several versions which is still developed nowadays.

For Symbian s60 / Symbian OS 7.0 dan 7.0s (eg. Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6670, 7610,  N70)

  • SMS Suite
  • Sprite Backup
  • SMS Exporter

For Symbian s60 3rd Edition / Symbian OS 9.1-9.3 (eg. Nokia N73,N80,N91,N92,N93,N95,E50,E60,E61,E62)

  • SmsBackUp 0.7
  • Siraj X-SMS v1.0 + v1.5
  • Wireless Lab Message Mirror Standard 2.0
  • Wireless Lab Message Mirror Lite 1.20

For Symbian s60 5th Edition / Symbian OS 9.4 (eg. Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic)

  • Wireless Lab Message Mirror Standard 1.60

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