Twitter Is Not An Online Text Messaging

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This post is also available in: Indonesian

Hentikan menyampah di Twitter

Hentikan menyampah di Twitter

This post is also available in: Indonesian

Well, according to the title I’m feeling that Twitter is not the place for online text messaging. Although it is indeed permitted to communicate via Twitter, easily tag others through mention, reply, re-tweet someone else, but Twitter should not be used to be a text messaging protocol.

As the name implies, MicroBlogging, means micro or very short blog and blog itself comes from Web-Log, which means a daily record (log) on the web. Here the diary (log) is not tantamount to a short message (text message/short message). Unfortunately, many people consider both are same, so they are using Twitter as a place for having online text messaging Whatever they are doing, where, with whom, or something that is not important or in sarcasm, trashes, they tweet those on Twitter.

Internet Ethics is truly lack in Indonesia, children was introduced to information technology, internet, etc, but they are not taught about ethics. Especially, the important matter, ethics in online socializing, such as on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter should become a media we can fulfilled with important short notes, just like a News Ticker. My own thoughts about ethics in tweet content is briefly as follows.

  • Do not use Twitter for chatting!
    Twitter is not the place to chat, if you need to, use existing chat applications such as YM, IM, GTalk, Facebook chat, etc. Not everyone wants to see all your not important tweets. Important information in fact will not be visible due to being placed at the bottom of the timeline because of unimportant tweets, so unwittingly you become disadvantages to others, do you realize it?
  • Use a Direct Message for personal things!
    Twitter provides Direct Message if your tweets intended only for certain people, so not everyone is reading and impact to others’ timeline. Moreover, when things are really personal or  private important information, pass those via direct message.
  • Tweet fairly and accentuate the quality not quantity!
    Being existing does not mean you must blow up everything until you become frothy-foam-mouth in Twitter. You do not want to be called as technology-illiterate does not mean you must littering in Twitter. Actually, the ones who go chatting on Twitter is the real technology-illiterate because they dont want to be considered as technology clueless. Technology illiteracy also mean illiteracy in techno-social ethics, if  you are clueless in ethics means you are actually technology-illiteracy. The quality of the content is far more important than the quantity!
  • Give the necessary and value-added information
    Tweets are intended to be more useful by providing important and brief information. Not for things that are not important. And also include the source and the URL if available in your tweets.

I’m only give short suggestion, no need to take long story and your life span, yet we can still think well and wise thus we should be able to sort out for the sake of ethical maturity process .

From tweets I  have read, mostly Indonesian people tweets unimportant things a lot, in contrary of foreigner who tweets more useful information. Here we can see the understanding and awareness of the foreigner is better, when in fact Indonesian people can be more clever but unfortunately they are lacking of social ethics in the Internet.


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