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Hollywood Anime Live Action = Total Crap and Garbage?!

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For some reasons, I dont know why Japanese anime made into live action version by Hollywood is really severely ruined, trashed, disappointing and not worth for watching (moreover it can damage your eyes and brain, LoL, I’m just exaggerate it). Its more suitable if you directly put it into the trash can, so that the fans dont see the damages caused to their favorite anime image especially when it is a legendary anime.

Maybe it was the purpose of the You-Know-Wood to damage the Japanese anime image because they do not want to be defeated by the Japanese. Mention all the anime that made by You-Know-Wood, such as Tekken, Resident Evil, Dragon Ball is really totally bad. As for the cartoons from the USA such as Iron Man, Transformers, Spiderman, X-Men, etc. usually became totally awesome.



Rurouni Kenshin Live Action

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Actually, this info has spreaded out for long time ago. The famous anime Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) from Nobuhiko Watsuki is being  made into a live action. Earlier, this anime has been approached by Hollywood to be made into a live action, fortunately Nobuhiro strictly refused the offer, after he saw the failures and damages given to Dragon Ball live action (Dragon Ball Evolution). If he did not refuse it, (maybe) it is definitely a movie to be ensured as a garbage. Himura Kenshin will be played by Takeru Satoh who played in Kamen Rider Den-o. Hopefully the movie will be very good, I can not wait longer to watch the Battousai because this my favorite anime since Junior High.






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