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This post is also available in: Indonesian


This post is also available in: Indonesian

I just want to give a lil bit review of JavaScript tools for Web Developers, such as compressors, beautifier, and debugger. Not a very complete review, just brief, well because it is from my personal experience. Maybe you can help add later. :)

The Javascript CompressorRater

This website provides utility for comparison some of JavaScript Compressors. With the growing development of rich web application, JavaScript will getting larger in size, the result is the time of page-loading and time to respond to the user. Which Javascript Compressor have the greatest compression ratio? We can see the analysis using this web.

Javascript Packer

Javascript Packer is a javascript compressor made by Dean Edwards. Script compressed with this compressor has a great compression-rate compared to Javascript minifier .

There are other compressors such as YUI Compressor, Javascript Minify, dll.

Javascript Unpacker and Beautifier

This website provides Unpacker to unpack Javascript that has been packed. The advantages, in addition to unpack it also helped to style and set indentation of the script.


Well, every one is already familiar with the renowned Firebug. Web Developer surely familiar with this tool. An ultimate tool for web developers. Used to test, inspect DOM elements in realtime, realtime CSS & HTML editing, Javascript Debugger, etc. For browser other than Mozilla Firefox, we can also use Firebug Lite. It is much better and really helpful to use this tool instead of using alerts to help us to “debug” .

DebugBar & CompanionJS

For those who use bloaty Internet Explorer browser, we can use different tool. Its a famous browsers for making web developers to get really upset and angry sometimes. Well, it is because of its not standard, incompatibility, less safe, etc. ( you name it! ). Some websites that is displayed correctly both in Mozilla Firefox (best in my opinion), Google Chrome (its also the best though still young), or Safari, you will see those sites are ruined here. Therefore, you will DebugBar to inspect, and CompanionJS for JavaScript Debugger. But, unfortunately it still not as powerful as Firebug.
The drawbacks here in which is important for web developer is realtime CSS & HTML editing.

Well, I guess its enough for now. I’m not going to review Javascript editors. For text editor usually I use CoderTools TotalEdit and it is cozy enough for me.

Do you want to add another Javascript tools for web developer? You may name it.

Regex Library

Regex (Regular Expression) Library mempunyai banyak koleksi Regex yang dikontribusikan oleh orang-orang. Selain itu RegexLib juga mempunyai Regex Tester, jadi supaya mudah mengetes Regex secara real-time.

Regular Expression

Regex Magic

Regex Magic mempermudah pembuatan Regex, karena Regex Magic merupakan editor/generator Regex yang bisa menghasilkan kode Regex seperti yang kita inginkan.

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