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Block Trackback Spam in WordPress

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These recent days, my blog is hit by spam attack, Trackback spam. Just in few days, when I was not at home and was in Jakarta-Bogor for spending my weekend, my blog got so many spam I ever had, up to 2500 (and after few weeks, around 28.000). The Trackback itself actually is good in intention, but petty minded people use trackback spambot to raise up their web rank (which is actually NOT WORKING at all). What the heck Trackback is? what is the benefits and why it can be categorized as spam?

Trackback is one of three linkback methods, the web author can be informed automatically when other people is linking their page to one of the documents (webpages) of that author. This method enable the web author to track whoever link back, reference back to the author’s articles. Thus, when you write a post and somebody else have the same topic with your post, we can get informed if that people link back or reference from your post. In WordPress, Trackbacks appear in comment section (depends on applied theme) and of course if we enable the Trackback itself in the settings.

Unfortunately, such damned people use trackback spambot to keep spamming to blog posts so that their web link will appear in comment section and when search engine crawl to that blog posts that damned web rank will raised up. If you check that web, it has nothing to do nor even related to your blog posts, it is also possible that those are only dead links.

To handle trackback spam in WordPress, we can do some effective ways:

I have tried some, but in the end the one that is effective enough is by activating the Akismet, Captcha, and also the Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker plugin and finally… bye bye trackback spam!