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Javascript Tools for Web Developer

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I just want to give a lil bit review of JavaScript tools for Web Developers, such as compressors, beautifier, and debugger. Not a very complete review, just brief, well because it is from my personal experience. Maybe you can help add later. :)



My New Lecturing Blog:

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Since this March 2010, I have another blog, this one is different from current blog. This one is related to my official lecturing blog, hosted in Blog Dosen UB for Lecturers of Brawijaya University .

The blog address is

This blog is specifically to updated with lecture references, hand out, tasks, lecture information and announcement related to lecturing and campus.

And for my public profile:

This Public profile is looks like a social network (such as Facebook), so we can make posts, update status, friend connection, groups, etc. So among other lecturers we can communicate each other and know the latest info.

This Blog Dosen UB  is empowered by WordPress MU and BuddyPress.

Stopping by to my new blog will ya… :)

Mulai Maret 2010 ini aku punya satu blog lagi, beda (entah dikit atau banyak) sama yang ini, yang baru ini memang berhubungan sama official lecturing blog, yang di-hosting-kan di WebBlog Dosen UB untuk Dosen UB.

Untuk alamat blognya:

Blog ini lebih dikhususkan untuk update materi kuliah serta tugas, info kuliah yang diampu, pengumuman, dan yang berhubungan dengan perkuliahan dan perkampusan hehe.

Sedangkan untuk public profile-nya:

Public profile-nya ini modelnya seperti social network (ala Facebook), jadi ada juga update posts, status, friend connection, groups. Jadi antar dosen bisa saling berkomunikasi dan mengetahui info terbaru satu sama lain.

Situs Blog Dosen UB  ini  ditenagai oleh WordPress MU dan BuddyPress.

Silakan mampir ya…


E-Book: Web Design – HTML & CSS

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Web Design: HTML & CSS



AJAX Loading Icon Generator

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Web Script Lab

Web Script Lab

In creating a website that uses Ajax, sometimes we are looking for an image that is displayed when being loaded or processed by Ajax. Well, through several websites that provide free facility Ajax Loading Icon Generator you can make your own preloader image as you want, such as Ajax-loader at Facebook, etc. Here are some of the websthat provide this feature.



Change WordPress Permalink Without Losing Traffic

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When we change the structure of the Permanent Link (Permalink) address in WordPress, old URL address of blog posts will also be changed with the new permalink and will not be accessible anymore using the old URL address. If those blog posts already crawled by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. or the posts’ URL are mentioned in other webs, eg on Twitter or Facebook, because the changing of permalink, we can lose traffic to our blog. So what can we do to keep the traffic, especially for posts with most frequent visit? The way how to fix this is by installing WordPress plugin Permalinks Moved Permanently.



Backup and Save Your Nokia Data – Messages (Part 2)

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In the previous part I described briefly how to do full data backup, and in this second part I’m focusing on how to backup messages, especially Text Messages.

The content of text messages sometimes is really important to us, thus it should be backed up regularly. Moreover, the Nokia phones with Symbian operating system typically will be getting slower when we have a lot of text messages and sometime it will be ended with crash (restart itself) or hang. From my experience, Nokia 6600 crashes after stored text messages reached around 3000, while Nokia N73 -which I’m using now- normally crashes after text messages reached around 2500. If you frequently get a message “Memory full. Close applications and try again“, especially when you you try to open Messaging or other applications, it means that your phone is going to crash soon and you cannot do anything except hard format. So, to prevent this, you should regulary make a back up and delete some of your not important text messages.



Backup and Save Your Nokia Data – Full Backup (Part1)

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Backup means storing data at the secondary place which is actually becomes a necessity and a must regularly, because we do not know when the phones we are using suddenly struck by disaster, errors,  or even worse it’s lost, thus the data in our phone also be lost. Important data is typically the Contacts/Phonebook, Messages, Notes, Documents, Photos, Videos, etc. Contacts and Messages often contain important information, especially when the messages are from colleagues, bosses, or our dear people. Nokia phones with Symbian operating system are usually sometime make us cranky when we do not know how to take care and do maintenance so the impact is data loss.



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