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This week back song

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Wada Kouji, is a singer that i like since many2 years ago, i knew him because he used to sing soundtrack for Digimon (8 years ago i think, first time Digimon on air in Indosiar). Since then on, i like his songs. These 2 last week, my back songs are Wada Kouji’s from album Ever and also from Digimon osts, they are Bravery, Sketch, Hanabi JACK, Kami Hikouki, Kimi to Kisetsu to Hidamari to, Hirai ~Unplugged, Butterfly (Piano version), Seven (Acoustic), Kimi no Keshiki, Pierce, Daybreak, Honoo no Overdrive, Egao, Shoujo no Mama de, Say Again, Kimi Iro no Mirai, Modern Love, Bokura no Digital World, there are some more. I like them soooo muchh…

But this week, my back songs are Mr. Children. The most I like is Kurumi especially Kurumi live ver sang in Dome Tour I Love U 2005. This song is sooo~ touching, especially the PV i’ve seen in Youtube, gosh… i read the comments, and there’s even a post says that she shedded tears after watched the PV.

Others from Mr Children in my playlist are Shirushi, Hana ~Memento Mori~, Love Hajimemashite, GIFT, Dakishimetai, Owarinakitabi, Tagatame, MIMOSA.

I do like them all…

What’r my next back songs? we’ll see… ^^

Today’s activities… Sundae Sundae

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Today, woke up as usual, mm… 6.45, and tv was still on since yesterday, hehehe… I know it’s not wise to leave the tv on while I’m sleeping. Opened my eyes, and stared at tv. Eh… there’s Inuyasha, been long time I didn’t see it. Suddenly I remembered that Yuu loves it, took my hp and sent her an sms, informed her that inuyasha is on tv, yeah… though there’s no reply, at least I’ve told her, hope she got my sms.

Watched a while, and a thought came up, gotta try to install N-Gage in my N73, of course, official N-Gage is unable to be installed in my phone, but in the forums patched one is works, have to try it by myself. So, I turned on the PC, and plugged my external hdd and yeah I found the installer. Read the instructions, says it needs a hacked phone with full capability, and copy the installserver.exe ~to enable installing without certificate for most app~. Luckily, I’ve done some steps before; I did already hacked my phone long long time ago. Tried to install but no luck, it said certificate error, lazy to sign it with my certificate, I juz copied the installserver.exe to c:\sys\bin then restart it, and tried to install it once again. Result is, YATTA!!! \(^o^)/ It worked, after few confirmations it started to install the N-Gage Launcher. Tested the game by installing Bounce, after waiting 20 minutes of installation, tried to launch, but no hope, my phone juz gave me blank white screen. Hmm… started thinking, I didn’t make any mistakes. Maybe restarting is able to solve it, so I restarted my phone. And launched it again, and yes! Problem solved! I was able to play Bounce, went to the next game to be installed, FIFA 2008. It also worked fine. Hahaha… I’m so glad I had this device.

Sun out there was getting hotter,aaa~ its almost mid day. Suddenly, I started thinking of Yuu, dunno why, it juz came up to my mind. I was remembering what I said to her, after been long time i didn’t see her, she had a new laptop n there’s vista in it. I said, “don’t you think its kinda useless to have vista when the compatibility is not good for some apps, for coding?”, but she answered its already installed when she bought it. “Aaa~ I see”. Since then, I realized I also had vista in my PC ~actually I had 3 OS installed in my PC, windoz XP SP2, SP1, and vista~. Primary is the first, and second is for recovery purpose, and the vista juz for “having”. Coz, since I installed, my PC became unstable, suddenly turned off and then couldn’t be turned on. Lately, I knew the reason, it was because the cable extender was already out of age , probably 8 years already. And its too late to know it, I’d abandoned my PC for almost a year hahahaha!!! =_=!!! *sigh deeply* I replaced the extender some days ago, and now my PC runs well, that’s why now I’m back to my PC again and starting to enjoy and do some experiences with my PC.

Hikaru Yuuki no PC

Finally, I started to manage my vista, installed some programs, n installed some drivers for Bluetooth, graphic card, etc. but the most urgent was the graphic card. My new monitor was only capable to display max 1280×1024 instead of 1440×900 (now I had widescreen LCD). I believed, its must be the driver because in XP I it was able to set to 1440×900, and my guess is yes, it was using WDM driver from vista driver. Searched through my hdd and the only driver I found was only for XP, vista didn’t recognized it. Sigh… ~_~ But, suddenly I remembered, there’s one in CHIP DVD. Searching in the dvd boxes, and found latest one i got is 7/2008, and there’s a driver for vista, yeah hope it works. Try to install it, but it said its not compatible, its only run for Vista (32 bit). Wait a minute!!! Mine is vista rite?? So how come?? Gosh… Checked many times, its truly vista, I’m not blind, I did installed vista. Trying to figure out then whats wrong with the installation… An idea came up, I’ll try to extract the driver and install it manually. But, the program to extract?? Daaa~ I forgot, it’s been a long time, I didn’t remember the name ~I used to remember it since I was in junior hischool and touched windoz 95~. Finally, after almost a half hour searching, I figured out the app. At first, I thought the name is extract.exe, or extrac32.exe. But I was wrong, the right one is expand.exe, I forgot, its not extracting (from a cab/archive file), but expanding from a single file (the extension of compressed usually ended with “_”). Then, since its expanding from one file to another, it will be tired to type “expand file1.ex_ file1.exe”, instead, I created a batch file consisted all files needed to expand. After finished, tried to update my graphic driver, after some blank screen, finally the driver is UPDATED! YOKATTA NA!! Eventually, the resolution was able to be set to 1440×900.

Aaaaa~ I’m tired today… I guess I’ll continue next time (probably tonight, I’m so workaholic now as I used to be hahahaha). I must freeze my left leg, compress it with cold freezing ice, I guess I got my muscles strained and pain me to ass. It’s been 2 days I got pain. I have to start exercise and work out next time, especially because the way I’m riding my bike that always going speedy and almost over 100 kph, and lean left-right ~stupidly like in motogp hahaha~… Hope it will be healed soon. Amin ya rabbal alamin…


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Yotsubato! Yotsuba&! よつばと!
Recently, I’m reading this manga (vol 1,2,5,6~missing vol 3,4, couldnt find any in gramed or toga T-T). Its soooo funnny and makes me laugh so much!… ~till I got stomach ache =_=~. So, I’m not gonna be a spoiler, juz read it and you’ll laugh..
I do really like manga sucha Kocchi Muite Miiko! n Yotsubato! Children are so funny, arent they? ^^

The story begins when a girl and her daddy r moving to a new town. Here, neighborhood, environment, almost all the things are unknown to her. Her actions, behaviors, innocence, also the way she speaks is really ridiculous.

Another my back’s photo

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Yeah… another unwanted photo was taken. Only my back can bee seen rite. We were crossing the bridge and the scenery was so great! here, we could see the lake, people sailing n surfing (it looked like a beach, but i heard that its human made, dunno the fact >.<)

Ore to Kisetsu to Hidamari to ~kyonen

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I do really like this photo, the scenery, the sun, and my back ~reminds me to Wada Kouji’s song Kimi to Kisetsu to Hidamari to (You, the Seasons, and the Sun).

It was taken by my boss when we were at King’s Park, Oz.. At that time, I did really grateful, after one week full of works and pressures, finally we could breathe a fresh air. Actually the one that made me depression is my own boss, not the environmental work. Till now, I dont really like the way he lead us. Giving us tasks without confirmation n discussion among the programmers, too bossy, peliiiitt, too many lies, nanka… what he had said sometime is totally different from what he had done … Aaa~ he drives me nut… SUTOPPU SUTOPPU!!

Juz wanna runaway n start new life…

Hayaku nigerooo!!!… =_=!

Gomen… Bekümmert

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For unexpected incident some time ago, for forgotten memories, anything, anyone, I’m so extremely sorry, I didnt mean it, It just happened …

Hopefully, next will be better….

Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu minna…

150 tahun Keio University, Japan

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Keio University
Awalnya Yukichi Fukuzawa mendirikan sekolah untuk pendidikan Dutch di Edo (sekarang Tokyo) pada tahun 1858, yang nantinya menjadi cikal bakal universitas Keio. Sekolah ini kemudian memfokuskan pada pendidikan English pada tahun 1863. Di tahun1868, sekolah ini berpindah lokasi dan diubah namanya setelah Era Keio. Tiga tahun kemudian, sekolah Keio dipindah ke Mita, situs utama kampus Keio University. Keio kemudian menjadi institusi pendidikan komprehensif yang terdiri dari perguruan tinggi, sekolah dasar, dan menengah pertama di tahun 1898. Tahun berikutnya, Keio menjadi universitas swasta pertama yang mengirimkan mahasiswanya untuk studi diluar negeri, empat mahasiswa ke Jerman, dua ke United States.

Keio dari awal pendirian hingga sekarang berkembang pesat. Pada tahun 2008 ini, Keio memperingati 150 tahun pendiriannya. Congrats selalu buat Keio University! Keep on going and be the best!

Fukuzawa believed that Japan’s only choice for catching up with Western technology and social organization was to “always strive for progress and enlightenment, and provide the academic and moral education needed to create a generation of wise and capable leaders.”

Nasionalisme bisa dikatakan yang membuat suatu bangsa dan negara itu maju, seperti visi Fukuzawa yang selalu yakin bahwa Jepang yang hanya mampu menggungguli kekuatan Barat. So, bagaimana dengan pemuda pemudi Indonesia apalagi setelah memperingati Hari Kemerdekaan kemarin??

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