Ore to Kisetsu to Hidamari to ~kyonen

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I do really like this photo, the scenery, the sun, and my back ~reminds me to Wada Kouji’s song Kimi to Kisetsu to Hidamari to (You, the Seasons, and the Sun).

It was taken by my boss when we were at King’s Park, Oz.. At that time, I did really grateful, after one week full of works and pressures, finally we could breathe a fresh air. Actually the one that made me depression is my own boss, not the environmental work. Till now, I dont really like the way he lead us. Giving us tasks without confirmation n discussion among the programmers, too bossy, peliiiitt, too many lies, nanka… what he had said sometime is totally different from what he had done … Aaa~ he drives me nut… SUTOPPU SUTOPPU!!

Juz wanna runaway n start new life…

Hayaku nigerooo!!!… =_=!

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