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Update Firmware Nokia N73 v 4.0736.3.2.1 atau tidak?

Seharian kemarin saya mengubek-ubek mencari tentang info & change log firmware terbaru dari nokia untuk N73, dan yang terbaru adalah 4.0736.3.2.1. Kita bisa mengupdate firmware ini on-the-air menggunakan Nokia Software Update. Akhirnya hari ini saya simpulkan untuk tidak mengupdate firmware terbaru dan tetap bertahan dengan firmware yang lama (v 3.0705.1.0.31) setelah membaca banyak review dari user lain yang telah sebelumnya meng-update nya. Berikut ini cuplikan dari forum Nokia Disscussion (baca selengkapnya di New firmware for N73: 4.0735.3.0.2 – Software Updates – Nokia Support Discussions [1])

i’m a user of the Nokia N73ME since almost 10 months. And this comment of mine is to let you know about a few bugs in the latest firmware that you’ve provided for this particular model of N73.I first had the “Version 3.0638.0.0.1″ (dated 30-10-2006) on my handset and was unhappy with just one thing, an unstable video camera application.
So i decided to update it via NSU(Nokia Software Updater) to the latest available, i.e. “V 4.0736.3.2.1″ (dated 04–9-2007).
I don’t quite know about much of the improvements because most of them were supposed to be bug fixes which aren’t supposed to be visible to us customers, but i DID notice a few glitches in the new firmware , a few changes which we customers didn’t like in the new firmware
They are:1)SMS application:
Previously, when we open the inbox, the time of reception used to appear beside the inbox message.When we check the message details, it would show us the time of sending of that message ,i.e the time when the message was sent from the other device.
So, in short , we had to times to check, one being the “time of sending”(avalable by accessing d msg details) and the other being the “time of reception of the message by the device”(it’s shown directly just beside d inbox message)

So, we customers had the privilege to know when the message was actually sent from d remote device, and if it’s delivery was delayed by the network… it may seem an unimportant thing to you, but as your company’s punchline says “connecting people” , this option to check the “time of sending” avoids a lot of clashes between people because we can know that the reason for the late message isn’t d person who sent the message, but the network which delayed its delivery,.. this helps a LOT in “Connecting People”.
So Please help us connect better and don’t remove such features… even an old 6600 has this ability, which is provoking me to use the 6600 for messaging and not the N73.

2.The Main Camera:
The viewfinder in the old firmware appears much more intelligent, i.e, when pointed towards a dark area, the image in the viewfinder would automatically make adjustments and the view would be automatically get brighter/better(even though it would add a little noise). So, that means the viewfinder would automatically make the required adjustments to make the preview visible properly… but this change in the viewfinder wouldnt change the “image capture” settings, that means the captured-image would still appear the same way without any “automatic intelligent” adjustments, even though the viewfinder would take advantage of it.
We customers loved this feature because it enabled us to take better nightshots, especially if we wanted the object in the final image to appear purposefully dark…

But in the latest firmware, the viewfinder is static without any intelligence, i.e., it stays the same way without any adjustments whichever way we point it, especially dark corners,… it doesn’t brighten the preview image automatically… so we are forced to adjust the “exposure compensation” setting to view the preview properly.. But this means the final “captured image” will also get altered because of the change in the “exposure compensation”.
So it’s better u take care of this in your next firmware release.

3.Camera Again (Flash and Focus):
Previously, when the flash was set on “off” position, the camera would still emit light from the LED Flash when focusing , this enabled it to focus better on nearer objects even though it wouldn’t emit a flash when actually “capturing” the image..
We need this to stay because, during macro-mode or “close-up” mode (especially when capturing a beautiful leaf or butterfly that’s 10cm away from the camera sensor) , photographers like me don’t use flash as it will result in washed out pics, so we switch it off when using macro-mode… but when focusing, the camera DOES need the flash to work to focus properly as the object is very near, and tends to be dark without any proper contrast for the auto-focus system to work properly,
(when the ‘unintelligent viewfinder is added to this problem, it results in even more bad , because we can’t even see the object in the viewfinder and thus can’t even know if it has been focused properly or not)

So, that means, even though the flash is off, we want the LED to light up while focusing… But that doesn’t happen in the new firmware. In the new firmware, if we switch off the flash, it doesn’t light up even while focusing… it might be better for anonymous photography, but preference should be given “perfect macro pictures” when compared to anonymous pictures, alternative is, you can add an extra option in the flash setting menu like “Focus light on but Flash light off”

WE REQUEST YOU TO TAKE CARE OF THIS IN THE FUTURE FIRMWARE AS PEOPLE LIKE ME BUY N73 MOSTLY BECAUSE OF ITS BEAUTIFUL CAMERA, and such crippling of the camera’s abilities will disappoint us.Especially when it was better in the old firmware.

I just love Nokia for making symbian phones such affordable and performance oriented.But please , your device is capable of much better abilities, don’t cripple it… we sincerely request you to make us happy once again for buying an N73, an N-Series,.. after u release your next firmware.

Lots of love n hopes,
A Faithful Nokia User
(Sannihith Kinnera)
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