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Take a deep breath.Relax.

Phew… Finally, I’m so grateful. My life is going back to normal. At least these recent days. Sleeping well, no overtime work. In fact, I was sleeping almost 9 hours hahaha…kinda revenge lol.

Yesterday, met Aizun neesan at her home. Few days before, she told me that she has a book bout student guide to japan and scholarship, and she asked me whether I’m willing to take it or not, but because I was still busy I couldnt take it. So, I took it yesterday when I had leisure, after I cleaned up my room. I was suprise when I went there. I thought I was lost. Everything has changed. I almost didnt recognize at all. But, I made it hahaha. Its not funny when u get lost.

Teru Teru Bozu

Teru Teru Bozu

We had talked a lot. Been long time. Talked bout this, that, here, there, she, he, blablabla… She also told me that while she is taking a college here in malang, she is also working in jakarta, accompanying and assisting japanese who is doing researches, and kinda have connection with embassy or some what, i dunno exactly. Sugoi da ne… ^o^

Last, she asked me to go out for having lunch or dinner. Since I didnt know where we should go, she decided the place. Hopefully today is gonna be a bright day. Rain…don’t fall today…

Shall I set up teru teru bozu?