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Yatta!! Finally, I bought a brand new tera hardisk. After a long enough time dreaming of it, last weekend I bought it in Surabaya. Actually I wanted to buy in Malang, but…. since I didn’t find what I want unless I order it before (which also from Surabaya), I decided to buy directly from there.

Saturday morning, headed off by travel car as the first then picked up some other passengers, and left Malang at 7 am. During the trip, went sleep half or an hour, sleepy enough since I went sleep in the night before at probably 2 am.
Arrived at 9.30 in Minnie’s place and put my backpack there. Looked up at her suit, and laughed once, don’t know why, not because her suit actually hahaha. Since, I hadn’t had my breakfast yet, we went to Jula-Juli and ate there, mm… It was rendang or whatsoever, I dunno the name.

After we ate breakfast, we went directly to hunt the hardisk that I wanted, a WD My Book Home Edition 1 Terabyte, Essential Edition is too simple, Studio Edition is too expensive.

Yeah, we asking so many stores at the ground floor, 1st and 2nd but there are so little price variations. It seemed every time we asked for the price, higher price we got. After for about an hour walked, we found a store that gave us the lowest price. Then we left that place, hoped that this store would be the last place. After some more quarter hour we walked, we decided to go to that place. But we got lost! I didn’t remember where the place and what the name of the store, neither did Minnie. Circled around few times, confused, finally Minnie remembered the place. We found the place. Yokatta! After talked to the storekeeper, she took the phone and made a call. Few minutes later she informed us, and made us shocked, the price she gave before was a mistaken. The correct one was just the same as the price we got from other store firstly we went. Gosh!! Its just a wasting time and energy.

Eventually, we went to the firstly store and made a deal. Waiting for the hardisk for being picked up, we went to ATM. Gosh… the line was long enough. Yeah, its Saturday and the last day of SSF. More tired we’re became, standing up and waiting for our turn. I think if I sum how far we’re going that time, probably it may take kilos. Waiting longer more and more for the storekeeper to prepare and served others. Couldn’t stand with that, we bought beverages, an ice cream cone for me and tea for Minnie. Back to the store, still waiting, and finally he gave the hardisk to be be paid. Yeah!! The hardisk was in my hand.

Suddenly, Minnie told me about SSF and the prize coupons. Its really a chance, nothing to lose, “iseng-iseng berhadiah” hehehe. Went to the 1st floor and asked the security officer where can we get the coupons, he told us and appointed the place. We directly rushly went to exact place. So many people in line there, waiting for getting the coupons. We also waiting for about 5-10 minutes but in different line, after I asked to the man who in charge there, he told me that we must wait in the left side of the next line. We just stared each other, we’re waiting for nothing except wrong line. We walked break through the line that occupied by so many people and there are already couple of women waiting  to get the coupons. One being told that prerequisite for getting the coupons was bringing the thing that bought before, they sighed,  since  they didnt bring it. Then they let us to get in turn. Yatta!! Finally we got the 15 coupons. Unfortunately there wasnt any ballpoin or something to write. We ran to the market in the ground floor, just to buy a ballpoin. Minnie got in to the market and i was waiting outside and held the hardisk box. After waiting for long enough, Minnie came out, brought couple of ballpoin and a bottle of drink. Filled out the 15 coupons in hurry, i got 7 and Minnie got 8 coupons. Its truly been a long time, since I wrote something last time. After we filled out all the coupons, we ran to return it back. Its truly a rush time, kinda like a sprint run. Pheww… Finally we inserted the coupons to the box. Tired and sweaty.

After that went back at 4.30, left the mall and decided that nite I would stay in inn for sleep instead in my family’s house. We’re only asked to 2 inns, the first was in front of Unair Campus, and one near Galaxy Mall. Since, the last was much more expensive, I booked in the first inn. Took my backpack, Minnie’s laptop and her phone to be repaired, and checked in. Hell you know, the way of receptionist look at us was so… contemptuous, disdainful, like we were gonna do something. After Minnie said that she’s my ‘sister’, he seemed ‘softening’ though I still felt his weird look.

Took a rest for a while, and tried to repair Minnie’s phone that got infected by virus. Since I forgot to copy mobile antivirus, there is no other way except format her phone. Backed up her contacts, messages, and images and started to format.
At 6.30, Minnie and I out for dinner. Went to Rice Box and ordered ‘Nasi Goreng Hitam Seafood’. Hmmm….Yuummy, it was my first time eating such that fried rice. It was totally black since it was mixed up with octopus’ ink. After we full we went home, yet, at the middle of way, we stopped by and bought 2 burgers. I thought Minnie wanted to, but she didn’t, and I guessed it’s my duty to eat those hehehe…
Finally, arrived in the inn, and so Minnie went home, and I returned back to my room and got resting.
(to be continue…)

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