Lebaran & The Beginning

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Yosh!!! Ohisashiburi da ne!!!…

Eeto… I was intended to write down what had happened lately. But I forgot since I juz got recovered from fever last time. It took several days. And the worst part is, both my parents got almost the same sick. They got high fever for several days. Until my brother came and took a look after them, he straightforward decided to hospitalized them. He checked my bunda’s arm ~I dunno what its called, the part of joints of fore arm and upper arm, the opposite of elbow~ with tensimeter and saw many red spots came out after a while. He concluded it was DB. He juz arrived at home that time, after he had duties and stayed in hospital and had been there for 3 days. But since my parents and I were like that, he drove us to hospital. Nanka… he sucha a good son, good brother and doctor. So, both my parents hospitalized for two days, before they allowed to go home, since their trombo was raising up. Till now, they’re ok, though after that they’re so really busy. Me too, even after I got fever, I still kept my eyes opened till 3 am before I went to bed.
This year Lebaran, spent in hospital and home. We didn’t go anywhere. Sigh… when I really wanted to go to another place, I kept stucked here. Yeah… I think I need some time for resting. My families came to Malang in Saturday but they juz stayed only few hours. They returned in the evening. I really wanted them to stay even longer. But… what could I do…

This Monday, I decided to resigned from the job, from Magicsoft Asia System. Actually I did had that intention since a month earlier, but I postponed it, till yesterday. Now, my bustle is only redesign my blog, that is. I need some time to rest, free my mind and start all over again. Hopefully, it will be a better beginning.

Yesterday, I saw same number so many times, 25. It was so everywhere. Hope it was a lucky number hahahaha, though I knew it juz a coincident. Hope it’s a good sign. Amin…
Guess I dunno else what to write down, since I’m getting “early senile” lately hahaha. So many things I‘ve forgotten. Geez… Hope its not going any worsen.


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  1. Anna-Bierig says:

    Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  2. Sabrina-Roulette says:

    Great idea, thanks for this tip!

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