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Berduka untuk Michael Jackson

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Tanggal 25 Juni 2009, dikabarkan Michael Jacskon meninggal karena cardiac arrest, atau yang umum dikenal gagal jantung. Jacko yang berusia 50 tahun sebenarnya sedang melakukan tur dunia. Namun, tidak dinyana, ini benar-benar jadi tur terakhir Jacko, King of Pop.

Selamat jalan Michael Jackson…. Your song has inspired  the world, united the black and white…

Rest in Peace, Jacko…


Ubah Manual Driver Letter dari Mounted Device (Partisi, Media, dll) Lewat Registry Windows

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Permasalahan mengubah driver letter partisi ini terjadi ketika saya mencoba untuk mempartisi ulang. Sebelum partisi ulang, partisi yang ada hingga drive X: dan tentunya banyaknya partisi ini akan menyulitkan saya ketika nanti ada partisi baru. Pada hardisk pertama ada 5 partisi, hardisk kedua ada 3 partisi, hardisk ketiga ada 3 partisi, hardisk keempat ada 3 partisi (eksternal yang selalu on), dan hardisk kelima ada 3 partisi (mobile eksternal), serta 1 CDROM dan 2 virtual DVDROM. Total ada 19 mount point yang ditandai driver letter (di windows, mount point juga bisa berupa folder NTFS dimana partisi di-mounted di dalamnya).

Salah satu partisi di hardisk pertama adalah partisi Ext2, yang dulu saya gunakan untuk partisi memory swap, dan saya mount di windows menggunakan IFS Drives menjadi partisi H:. Langkahnya yang sebenarnya ingin saya lakukan adalah sebagai berikut:

· Partisi E: (FAT32) ingin saya merge dengan partisi F: (FAT32). Partisi E: dan F: bisa saya merge dengan sukses menjadi Partisi E: saja (FAT32). (E: + F: = E:).

· Setelah itu Partisi E baru (FAT32) ingin saya merge dengan partisi H: (Ext2). (E: + H: = misal H:)

· Setelah itu hasil merger-nya ingin saya merge lagi ke drive G: (NTFS). (G: + H: = misal G:)

· Hasil akhir merge 4 partisi E: +F: + G: + H: menjadi satu partisi G:

Permasalahan baru timbul ketika saya mencoba me-merge dengan drive H: (langkah ke 2). Di tengah-tengah proses terjadi error, akhirnya partisi E menjadi Unallocated 1 dan drive H menjadi Unallocated 2. Tetapi ketika saya buka di Windows Explorer muncul drive H:, ketika saya klik Properties disitu tertulis Raw Partition dengan 0 size bytes, sedangkan di Computer Management tidak ada partisi yang di-mount ke drive letter H:. Hal ini mungkin dikarenakan saya tidak meng-unmount partisi H: dari IFS Drives sehingga drive H: tetap di reserved.

Saya ingin menghapus mount point di drive H: supaya dapat digunakan oleh partisi H:. Karena di Computer Management tidak ada, akhirnya saya mencoba mencari mount table di Registry melalui Regedit.exe. Saya mencari dan akhirnya saya menemukan di




Di hive ini terdapat informasi key dan value berisi mount point






Jika kita buka key ini bisa berisi:

· Value berawalan berisi \??\STORAGE#RemovableMedia berarti ini adalah media removable seperti hardisk external, memory card, dll.

· Value berawalan berisi \??\IDE#CdRom berarti ini adalah CDROM menggunakan IDE.

· Value berawalan berisi \??\SCSI#CdRom berarti ini adalah CDROM menggunakan SCSI.

· dll.

Berhubung saya ingin menghapus mount point di H: akhirnya saya putuskan untuk me-rename \DosDevice\H: menjadi \DosDevice\H:2 (sebagai backup saja) kemudian me-rename \DosDevice\G: menjadi \DosDevice\H:. Saya berharap mount point H: nantinya berisi partisi yang sebelumnya di-mounted di G:

Akhirnya setelah komputer saya restart, drive H: tadi akhirnya berisi partisi yang sebelumnya di G:. Melalui Computer Management saya ubah lagi partisi di H: ke drive G:. Saya restart lagi, akhirnya drive H: yang sebelumnya Raw Partition 0 size bytes memang tidak muncul lagi.



Saturday.Story.1~Brand New Tera Hardisk

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Yatta!! Finally, I bought a brand new tera hardisk. After a long enough time dreaming of it, last weekend I bought it in Surabaya. Actually I wanted to buy in Malang, but…. since I didn’t find what I want unless I order it before (which also from Surabaya), I decided to buy directly from there.

Saturday morning, headed off by travel car as the first then picked up some other passengers, and left Malang at 7 am. During the trip, went sleep half or an hour, sleepy enough since I went sleep in the night before at probably 2 am.
Arrived at 9.30 in Minnie’s place and put my backpack there. Looked up at her suit, and laughed once, don’t know why, not because her suit actually hahaha. Since, I hadn’t had my breakfast yet, we went to Jula-Juli and ate there, mm… It was rendang or whatsoever, I dunno the name.

After we ate breakfast, we went directly to hunt the hardisk that I wanted, a WD My Book Home Edition 1 Terabyte, Essential Edition is too simple, Studio Edition is too expensive.

Yeah, we asking so many stores at the ground floor, 1st and 2nd but there are so little price variations. It seemed every time we asked for the price, higher price we got. After for about an hour walked, we found a store that gave us the lowest price. Then we left that place, hoped that this store would be the last place. After some more quarter hour we walked, we decided to go to that place. But we got lost! I didn’t remember where the place and what the name of the store, neither did Minnie. Circled around few times, confused, finally Minnie remembered the place. We found the place. Yokatta! After talked to the storekeeper, she took the phone and made a call. Few minutes later she informed us, and made us shocked, the price she gave before was a mistaken. The correct one was just the same as the price we got from other store firstly we went. Gosh!! Its just a wasting time and energy.

Eventually, we went to the firstly store and made a deal. Waiting for the hardisk for being picked up, we went to ATM. Gosh… the line was long enough. Yeah, its Saturday and the last day of SSF. More tired we’re became, standing up and waiting for our turn. I think if I sum how far we’re going that time, probably it may take kilos. Waiting longer more and more for the storekeeper to prepare and served others. Couldn’t stand with that, we bought beverages, an ice cream cone for me and tea for Minnie. Back to the store, still waiting, and finally he gave the hardisk to be be paid. Yeah!! The hardisk was in my hand.

Suddenly, Minnie told me about SSF and the prize coupons. Its really a chance, nothing to lose, “iseng-iseng berhadiah” hehehe. Went to the 1st floor and asked the security officer where can we get the coupons, he told us and appointed the place. We directly rushly went to exact place. So many people in line there, waiting for getting the coupons. We also waiting for about 5-10 minutes but in different line, after I asked to the man who in charge there, he told me that we must wait in the left side of the next line. We just stared each other, we’re waiting for nothing except wrong line. We walked break through the line that occupied by so many people and there are already couple of women waiting  to get the coupons. One being told that prerequisite for getting the coupons was bringing the thing that bought before, they sighed,  since  they didnt bring it. Then they let us to get in turn. Yatta!! Finally we got the 15 coupons. Unfortunately there wasnt any ballpoin or something to write. We ran to the market in the ground floor, just to buy a ballpoin. Minnie got in to the market and i was waiting outside and held the hardisk box. After waiting for long enough, Minnie came out, brought couple of ballpoin and a bottle of drink. Filled out the 15 coupons in hurry, i got 7 and Minnie got 8 coupons. Its truly been a long time, since I wrote something last time. After we filled out all the coupons, we ran to return it back. Its truly a rush time, kinda like a sprint run. Pheww… Finally we inserted the coupons to the box. Tired and sweaty.

After that went back at 4.30, left the mall and decided that nite I would stay in inn for sleep instead in my family’s house. We’re only asked to 2 inns, the first was in front of Unair Campus, and one near Galaxy Mall. Since, the last was much more expensive, I booked in the first inn. Took my backpack, Minnie’s laptop and her phone to be repaired, and checked in. Hell you know, the way of receptionist look at us was so… contemptuous, disdainful, like we were gonna do something. After Minnie said that she’s my ‘sister’, he seemed ‘softening’ though I still felt his weird look.

Took a rest for a while, and tried to repair Minnie’s phone that got infected by virus. Since I forgot to copy mobile antivirus, there is no other way except format her phone. Backed up her contacts, messages, and images and started to format.
At 6.30, Minnie and I out for dinner. Went to Rice Box and ordered ‘Nasi Goreng Hitam Seafood’. Hmmm….Yuummy, it was my first time eating such that fried rice. It was totally black since it was mixed up with octopus’ ink. After we full we went home, yet, at the middle of way, we stopped by and bought 2 burgers. I thought Minnie wanted to, but she didn’t, and I guessed it’s my duty to eat those hehehe…
Finally, arrived in the inn, and so Minnie went home, and I returned back to my room and got resting.
(to be continue…)



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Huaaaahhhhh… Lama sekali tidak pernah menulis lagi.

Maafkan ya blogku.

I hope I will be able to treat you better.

Terlalu banyak yang terlewati, terlampau banyak memori yang tersimpan.

Nggak tahu lagi harus memulai dari mana, tapi berusaha untuk menulis lagi dari kekosongan ide selama ini. Semoga secepatnya ide-ide menulis mengalir secepatnya. Amiinnn…


Take a deep breath.Relax.

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Phew… Finally, I’m so grateful. My life is going back to normal. At least these recent days. Sleeping well, no overtime work. In fact, I was sleeping almost 9 hours hahaha…kinda revenge lol.

Yesterday, met Aizun neesan at her home. Few days before, she told me that she has a book bout student guide to japan and scholarship, and she asked me whether I’m willing to take it or not, but because I was still busy I couldnt take it. So, I took it yesterday when I had leisure, after I cleaned up my room. I was suprise when I went there. I thought I was lost. Everything has changed. I almost didnt recognize at all. But, I made it hahaha. Its not funny when u get lost.

Teru Teru Bozu

Teru Teru Bozu

We had talked a lot. Been long time. Talked bout this, that, here, there, she, he, blablabla… She also told me that while she is taking a college here in malang, she is also working in jakarta, accompanying and assisting japanese who is doing researches, and kinda have connection with embassy or some what, i dunno exactly. Sugoi da ne… ^o^

Last, she asked me to go out for having lunch or dinner. Since I didnt know where we should go, she decided the place. Hopefully today is gonna be a bright day. Rain…don’t fall today…

Shall I set up teru teru bozu?


Busy.Sleepy.Dying.SelMa UB

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Okaeri nasai…to myself…

Been a long time since my last visit. So many missing things to be written here. Didnt know what had happened with my blogs..Hufff…

So many things to do lately. Rushing me in busy things and pushing me to live underworld. Geez… My eyes is getting slanter, so heavy, tired, and ‘hot’ like putting onions in my eyes. Always sleeping at 2am up to 4 am and even late in the morning. Wakes up, and starts the day behind my compie or lappy till i’m going to bed again. Actually its not my own lappy, my PIC lended me since my own is becoming a ‘wreckage’ hahaha. Heard by chance, its probably a donation from SBY for something up, i dont know exactly. So here we are, me and my ‘borrowing’ lappy. “Coding merry go around”. Nothing more than coding lately. In which, actually i dont exactly keen on it. Sleeping late,wake up late,coding till late,eating late,so so… Suicide is one rasionable reason for now hahaha… I’m killing my self with my works and this bad habit. I’m dying. But i must overcome all of this. This work is not done yet, still far from over. Yeah, its not over yet.

I’m now trying to get this work done asap. Plenty tasks to do, design and build a web application to online register at UB for those who are still in high school from entire high school around this country (and also outside) to be the next college newbies here. Its called SelMa UB, stands for Seleksi Masuk UB. Running at (with or without www). So, high school student must apply here first and entry their data (biography,marks,achievements,etc), print their application letter, legally signed by their headmaster and send to UB, after verified by UB, the result will be posted in this SelMa UB site.

Registrasi Online SelMa (Seleksi Masuk) UB

Online Registration SelMa (Seleksi Masuk) UB

While I’m finishing this, i’m also contentrating with its front-end administration site. Shortly, i must make two sites with totally different looks and feel and behavior, in an instant like… zaappp…and its magically appears… and I must finish this by me SELF!! Arrggghhhh…. dont blame me if somehow sometime i’m going to jump out from the window from tenths floor. Geezzz… but i’m not that crazy… yet…

I juz want to get this finished asap. Get a normal rest and sleep, like other normal people, with normal life… Amiinnn…


Hardisk Itu Untuk Dikoleksi

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Penuh sesaknya hardiskku

Penuh sesaknya hardiskku

Sejak dulu aku bagaikan seseorang yang selalu tidak puas dan selalu lapar akan hardisk, rakus. Awal kuliah 5 tahun lalu, dengan modal 120 GB, rasa-rasanya ruang sebesar itu sudah cukup. Tapi ternyata tidak. Pertengahan kuliah, untuk alasan backup, aku akhirnya membeli hardisk 240 GB, setengah untuk backup dan setengahnya lagi untuk data lain. Semakin lama apa yang aku simpan semakin membesar saja, file backup pun aku hapus, berganti data lain. Tak pelak lagi, menjelang akhir kuliah bertambah lagi satu hardisk, 320 GB. Pembengkakan yang diakibatkan oleh kumpulan film-film, musik, dan installer serta bertambahnya satu lagi OS yang nangkring di komputer, Vista. Total sekarang ada 3 OS, XP SP2, XP SP1 serta Vista. Surutnya hardiskku menundaku untuk menginstall Linux, padahal dulu ada Mandrake, Fedora.
Beberapa waktu lalu pun, akhirnya aku harus membeli hardisk external 120 GB, karena aku sekarang tidak lagi punya flashdisk. Perlu sekali untuk mobile storage, yang awalnya aku kira hanya dengan modal N73 dan 2 GB MicroSD sudah cukup, tapi lagi-lagi tidak.

235,5 GB habis untuk dorama Jepang, film barat, anime (terutama Naruto yang hampir menghabiskan 50 GB sendiri). 45,9 GB habis untuk installer. 34,9 GB habis untuk lagu yang didominasi lagu Jepang. Lainnya untuk dokumen, kerjaan, foto, rekaman video & tv,dll. Data yang telah lama kukumpulkan sedikit demi sedikit. Bertahun-tahun lamanya. 7-8 tahun, cukup lama. Itupun setelah banyaknya dataku yang hilang, karena 2 hardisk sebelumnya rusak ketika SMP dan SMA.

Total sekarang kira-kira ada 800 GB di kamarku. Dan parahnya, aku sekarang tidak punya backup storage. Sewaktu-waktu terjadi data loss, aku harus siap menangis darah. Berencana membeli external storage 1 TeraByte, apa daya uang tak cukup. Belum lagi kebutuhan membeli memori dan cassing (karena sekarang ini komputerku open-case, alias aku protoli dan selalu terbuka dengan kebisingannya). Menginjak usia yang mulai menua, mulai banyak yang harus aku pikirkan, kebutuhan saat ini dan masa depan.

Uang memang tak dapat menyelesaikan semuanya, tetapi ada hal yang memerlukan uang. Padahal, salah satu hal yang tidak aku suka adalah uang.

Money makes human become inhuman.



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