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There was a time when computers were still expensive and so modern for many people eventhough it was very slow comparing to now and no polyphonic sound came out, only beep beep. At that time there was a little kid in da family of four, his father bought a computer for working. But the brat was always playing games in the computer. His father often said do not play games all day long, its for working. Until one time, the computer got damaged. His father really mad at him. Sighing and thinking. Since then on, the father bought him another computer to play with.

The boy was so excited. He got his own PC, for his brother and himself to play. Then he installed many games in instant. He was so experienced in many games, he started to know about cheating and tricking trial game. He “wasted” his time since he woke up until he went to bed again. At school, only games were existed in his head. Juz it. Nothing else. Soon, his marks jumped down. Until one time… The computer went damaged. He could not do anything else. He was freakin’ out, afraid to be yelled by his father, he started to open the PC. Tried to figure out what was going on.

Once he opened the PC, he juz could stare at the electrical things inside. He knew nothing. He had no idea. But he got interested. Tried to do something, but instead it got repaired, it went even worse. Then he pretended there were nothing happened.

Long time passed, the PC was still wrecked. He could only see his PC and opened the PC, juz wishing miracle happened. Of course, its not a fairy tale, there’s no such computer fairy like tooth fairy ever existed. But everytime he opened the PC he got knowlegdes, he started to learn about stuffs inside the computer, what was the hardisk, mobo, cpu, memory, and many things.

His father knew wat happened with the PC, then he got it fixed. The sons were jumped, happy. Since then, the lil kid stopped playing games, instead he learned many things about computer, hardware, windows, and the last programming. Though he was only be able to learn it in short time and his knowledge stopped ~before he damaged his PC again and again~, he knew quite many things.

Once he got grown bigger, he started to learn again, concentrating himself in programming. Now he became a developer, a software engineer, once a web designer. That boy is me… The brat who used to play games, who always got the PC damaged. He became a jap fan but still kept the nasionalism inside ~wishing so.

Natsu Ryokan ~ Summer Inn

where people rest & relax & dine in hot summer

This theme is my first theme I made. I never do a wordpress theme before. So this is my first jap-style theme with many combinations and mix-match. The idea of the theme is hmm…Natsu Ryokan (summer japanese inn) with the yummy restaurant. Image above with the lanterns was grabbed from somewhere in the net, I forgot, been a long time I got it ~it is a credit to the owner who took the photograph. Icons is credit to Hybrid works who made sucha wonderful images of japanese stuffs. Any copyrighted I forgot to mention please lemme know, I will add a credit for you. Its your stuff anyway.

Please do not copy cat my theme since its originally me! Do yours, OK?

This japanese letter has lotta meaning for me. It’s design n spelling. Simplicity n deep meaning.

This letter has two strokes. First stroke, creates a lookalike-letter “h” and second stroke, adds an-almost-straight line, and somehow it is written like a letter “y”. Therefore, the combination depicts HY, my inital Hikaru Yuuki.

This letter sounded as “Yu”. Like in “Yuuki”. Its spelling also has a private meaning for me. It reminds me to someone’s name. Someone I used to call her with. Time does matter, or I said, “it did”. Hopefully, she’ll be happy ever after n congrats for you both ^^

These are why letter of “Yu” became my fave letter n my symbol.